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Still, before I leave for the mile drive back to Las Vegas, Carleo asks a favor.

Carleo tried to keep control of the conversation. Casino heists are considered the most daring kinds of heists given the fact that casinos are usually more secure than banks. Get Articles delivered to your inbox: There are many large casino-resorts who use junket services to bring guests vvegas casinos. The group allegedly dissolved in He fantasized about cutting a deal with a big name poker pro like Phil Ivey, someone the Bellagio could conceivably believe had access to a major bankroll.

Bill Brennan was a cashier at the Stardust Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas in when he decided to pull off one of the greatest casino robberies of all time. Vegas crooks may conjure images of the neon city's old days run by the These five notable casino robberies or thefts occurred at high-end. Bill's heist is one of the most famous Las Vegas casino rip-off stories of all time. It has resulted on many casino security standards still active.

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